Westrafo installs a 7.5 MVA power transformer on Mobile substation

Today, Westrafo completed the delivery of a 7.5 MVA transformer for a mobile MV substation destined to Albania.

The transformer mounted on the substation had a primary Voltage of 35000 V and double secondary, 10500-6300 V.

A mobile substation is is a completely self-contained trailer mounted substation consists of transformer, cooling equipment, high voltage switchgear and low voltage switchgear along with metering, protection relaying devices, AC and DC auxiliary power supply, surge protection, and cable connecting arrangement.

P1030348 P1030358  P1030374

Our staff ensuring that the 7.5 MVA transformer was properly fixed to the mobile carriage to guarantee stability and safety.

A mobile substation is usually required where there is lack of space for constructing out door substation during any big construction work when consumption of huge power by construction machines is required. Mobile substations are also used to quick restore of electrical service during an outage caused by a storm or other disaster. This can also provide temporary power service during construction of permanent facilities. It also can be used as alternate power service during regular maintenance of existing equipment.


P1030390   P1030388

The transformer finally installed and our technical PM with our satisfied customer before the departure of the substation for Albania. 

The other components of the substation will be installed on site.



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