Westrafo Ghana Ltd's Annual transformer seminar was a success

As transformer manufacturers, at Westrafo we are well aware that transformers can have a big impact on the grid system, for better or for worse.

This is the reason why we partnered with Cargill, a company developing bio-based fluids for industrial application, to develop a new series of transformers called SPL Transformers: Sustainable Peak Load transformers, capable of resisting better to the peak loads of the electric grid and to improve the safety of people within civil and industrial application at many levels.

Cargill’s premiere natural ester for transformer application, FR3, is a natural dielectric fluid working in synergy with the transformer to deliver many benefits: Fire safety, Eco Sustainability, increased load capacity, high performance even at high temperatures and, more importantly, a reduced cost of total ownership for utilities and private users, because of the optimized efficiency and reduced maintenance.

Yesterday at the Westrafo Ghana Ltd Annual seminar we presented the solution to representatives of ECG, GRIDCO, NEDCO and to our many private customers.

We believe that investing in high quality and technologically advanced transformers like the SPL series will help to reduce the issues within the Ghanaian grid, and that it will ultimately have an impact on the cost per KWh for utilities, and most importantly, end users.


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