Sustainability is at the center of our strategies, in order to preserve natural resources, reducing our ecological impact and designing solutions that can contribute to a greener future for our Planet and for future generations. Together with our partners we design and offer products and services that help customers to increase performance and lower total cost – all in a responsible and sustainable manner. More than 70% of our products are natural ester filled and thanks to our expertise in this fluid application for the transformers business, we are able to provide our customers the right solutions within almost the same price range of the mineral oil ones. We aim to take decisions to be innovative using ecosustainable solutions that enhance performance, optimize cost structures and processes and have a positive environmental impact.

Given our core-business and impact possibilities, we intends to contribute to the SDGs 2030 of ‘Affordable and clean energy‘, ‘Industry innovation and infrastructure‘ and ‘Responsible Consumption and Production‘.

SDG 7: Affordable and clean energy

As a company operating in the energy sector, we feel a responsibility to fully adhere to this goal. This commitment is reflected in the realization of energy-efficient products and reduced energy consumption in production plants.

SDG 9: Industry innovation and infrastructure

For this objective, we have built a highly innovative plant in Montello Vicentino that reduces emissions through increased energy efficiency.

SDG 12: Responsible consumption & production

Taking in charge sustainability dimensions and the decision to draw up a sustainability report comes from the desire to operate with minimal environmental impact on resource consumption. This is seen as an enabling factor, a license to operate in the long term for our company.

The increasing focus on product quality and reliability has driven us to search for better raw materials with low environmental impact and that allow recyclability and reuse.

The energy efficiency of the plants used in production is periodically checked by experts and third-party experts who certify that the plant in operation complies with existing regulations and standards. We aim to use renewable energy sources: we installed in both factories in Italy photovoltaic panels to feed our needs.

Water is not a critical resource for our company as it is not used for the production cycle. The management of water used in the production cycle is oriented towards minimizing water waste and reusing the resource.

Atmospheric emissions generated by our company are very low. Most end-of-life materials are easy to manage as they only need to be remelted.
The production plant in Montebello Vicentino is highly energy-efficient due to both the installation of photovoltaic panels and thus the production of electricity and the materials used for thermal isolation.

All waste generated by the production process is handled by an external company specialized and certified in waste disposal. Most of the disposal material is safe to handle.