Save the date for our WEBINAR - live April 9th 10AM EDT

Westrafo invites you to a breakthrough Webinar organized by our partner Cargill and airing live on April 9th 2020, 10 AM EDT.

Come and listen to Alberto Cracco from Westrafo tell how he made the switch to FR3 natural ester for his liquid immersed transformers and the benefits it has brought to his business and his customers.

"We took excellence and made it our standard."

The strength of Westrafo lies in the quality of its transformers, of which each single part is designed by Westrafo’s own engineers. A few years ago, Alberto decided to unify Westrafo’s great technical skills, derived from more than 50 years of experience, with advanced technology and new efficiency standards. The key element of this unique project was, and is, FR3 natural ester, which allowed Westrafo to expand and improve the performance standards of its transformers.

This decision has now proved its value. Alberto wants to take you through his decision to switch to natural ester, how he can provide flexible solutions to fit the latest trends in the energy sector and how he designs transformers that can be tailored for many different applications.

In this webinar, Alberto will tell you:

  • How he came to understand that FR3 could solve many of the problems that his customers were facing on site, particularly within PV application.
  • How he has expanded his business these past years thanks to FR3.
  • The financial benefits of using FR3 natural ester fluid.

In other words, Alberto would like to share with you, the advantages FR3 fluid can bring and encourage you to #StartSeeingGreen.


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