Renewables energy transformers


Customised according to generator/inverter type


Hermetic configuration up to 12 MVA


High efficiency according to Tier 2 eco standards across the range


Designed according to IEC or IEEE standards

As designers and manufacturers of power transformers, we are on the front line against pollution, the use of harmful substances, and wasting energy.

We design transformers for photovoltaic plants, wind turbines and battery energy storage, where energy production is controlled by inverter applications, as well as transformers for hydroelectric, biogas or biomass power plants, where a rotating electric generator controls the plant’s production.

Transformers are also available in higher temperature classes according to the applicable IEC or IEEE standards.

  • Up to 1000 V for low-voltage applications
  • With power up to 12 MVA (higher power can be evaluated on a case-by-case basis)
  • Fully customised according to client specifications
  • High efficiency and environmentally friendly
  • Anticorrosive treatment that adapts to site characteristics
  • Different types of cooling available

Our transformers are highly customisable according to the type of inverter used, nominal power, required voltage and operating environment, all with high energy efficiency and low power losses.