We are specialized in the production of medium and high voltage power transformers, customized in order to meet the specific needs of EPCs, industries, electrical companies, municipalities, etc., providing transformers for utilities, Step-up and step-down generators, Cabins for interconnection with the network line and many other applications.
Fully customized for various applications
Full range of type tests and witnessed tests according to IEC 60076
Design and tests according to IEC 60076 standard, customer specification and operational environment
Full range of accessories including cooling and ventilation systems


- Nominal power up to 40 MVA
- Hermetic configuration or conservator type
- Fins tank configuration for hermetic type or radiators for conservator transformers
- Various options for insulating fluids (FR3 natural ester, PCB and PCT free Mineral Oil, Synthetic ester..)
- Off-Circuit or On Load Tap Changer
- Frequency 50 or 60 Hz
- Single or multi primary/secondary
- Insulating level up to 170 kV
- All types of cooling
- Maximum standard ambient temperature up to 60°C
- Installation standard altitude up to 3500 m (at full load)
- Various degrees of protective coating from C3 to C5M-H

Losses customized according to IEC norms, European Regulation EU548/2014 TIER 2 or other specifications depending on location.
Finite Elements Design is available for special executions and engineering, both for electrical and mechanical calculations.

We took excellence and made it our standard.

Our team of engineers constantly works to propose tailor-made solutions, taking into account the final use of the transformer required, the environment in which it will be installed and international safety standards.

Not only is the production of our power transformers completely made in Europe, but all our suppliers are carefully selected to ensure compliance with the most stringent customer specifications in terms of quality and product traceability.

Power should never be out of control. 

That is why Westrafo transformers are equipped with a full range of accessories selected from European suppliers: Each transformer we supply is equipped with a series of high quality protection, control and safety devices supplied by certified companies.


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