Alberto Cracco has a vast experience in the transformer business. A goal-oriented executive, he has a long record of successes in the fields of transformer production management and business consulting.

He graduated as a Management Engineer, and after an MBA he started working as Product Manager for an important Italian multinational involved in process automation and power electrics.

After a significant period in a large consultant group, where he worked as Performance and Business Management consultant for multinational companies in different market sectors, he rose to the position of Sales and Business Development Manager in an important Italian transformer company.

As sales and business development manager, in very few years Mr. Cracco succeeded in transforming the Italian company in an important multinational with a global presence in Europe, Africa and Middle East.

By defining a sales strategy outside Europe and creating a team able to follow customers from design to after sales request, Alberto turned a locally-oriented company into a modern multinational, ready to follow market trends and to expand its influence across the globe.

Alberto is currently the Managing Director of Westrafo.


Mr. Antonio Cracco has spent decades in the transformer business, dealing with all the aspects of the production and the commercialization of transformers.

After a graduation in electro-technical engineering in 1968, he started working in an important Italian transformer company as Technical Designer, soon becoming Technical Manager.

In a span of few years, his competence and reliability earned him the post of Technical Director.

Since then, he has worked as Managing Director in important companies of the electro-technical sector, including multinationals and foreign companies, being finally appointed President of the board and supervisor of an important reality from 2007 to 2014.

Mr.Cracco has also had an important role in ANIE Energia, an influential association bringing together professionals of the electrical field working together to promote business and innovation in the sector.

He covered the role of President of the board of distribution transformer manufacturers from 1986 to 1994, and became a member of the commission for Transformers R&D solutions from 1995 to 2006.

In his career, Mr. Cracco has designed and coordinated the production of transformers up to the power of 63 MVA for companies in Europe: products designed by his teams have undergone and passed type and special tests by accreditation bureaus and are certified to be top quality transformers.

After 47 years in the business of transformers, Mr. Cracco is ready to embark in a new challenge.

Main share owner of the company, Mr. Cracco is now working as Technical Supervisor and Counselor, guiding a team of experts into the process of designing and manufacturing last generation high quality transformers.