The creators of Westrafo are Mr. Alberto and Antonio Cracco, who after a long experience in the field of transformers have decided to launch their own company. Father and son form an experienced team, always working to achieve new quality and efficiency standards.

The proven know-how resulting from years of experience in the transformer sector and the best practices learned in years of business in the electro-technical field meet innovative ideas and new technologies, reporting excellent results and providing you with a reliable and expert ally for your business.

“Our main goal is to create a worldwide reality offering a 360° service in the business of transformers and expanding the range of our products and the width of our influence in the market. We offer high quality standards and a reliable consultancy service to our customers, thanks to our great experience and a continuous effort towards innovation”.

Alberto Cracco – Executive Manager at Westrafo

Together with his father Antonio Cracco, Alberto has decided to found Westrafo Srl, matching his vast knowledge of the transformers’ market with his father’s technical skills, and setting a new quality standard for the manufacture and marketing of their products and their consultancy services.