Adjusting a speed means controlling a process.

Used to control the speed of rotation of electronic motors, our VSD transformers can be designed for application with low voltage drive (typical range from 160 KVA to 5000 KVA) or with MV drive with power up to 40 MVA.

VSD transformers are usually manufactured with enhanced levels of insulation and high energy efficiency to maintain a constant temperature under stress, electric isolation from the working motor and over voltage capability necessary because of the lack of galvanic separation from the network.

Westrafo VSD transformers are highly customizable and compliant with the IEC standard for Harmonic Control and Reactive Compensation of Static Power Converters.

Westrafo rectifier transformers are used in combination with a diode or thyristor (a four-layered semiconductor rectifier in which the flow of current between two electrodes is triggered by a signal at a third electrode) rectifier system. These type of transformers are designed to respect the phase shifting required in a plant that can usually be from 6 to 60 pulses system.

In cases in which the range of secondary voltages is high, the variation is produced through a regulation transformer besides the main transformer, manufactured with several separated units or with a single tank solution (for this type of transformers is required a common agreement between supplier and customer).