Follow up on our Covid-19 situation

Dear customers & partners,


As Italy’s coronavirus situation continues to worsen, since a couple of weeks the Italian government has devised a division based in zones for the different regions of Italy, with different levels of anti-covid regulations according to the number of cases in each region.

As you may know, at the present moment Veneto is remaining a yellow zone, with restrictions to the activities of bars and restaurants and limited access to shops and city centers during the weekend, but with no restrictions to industrial working activities.


In Westrafo, work is proceeding as usual and we have activated the necessary regulations to maintain our offices and production a safe and sanitized place to work.

For this reason, in person meetings with customers and suppliers are now limited to the absolutely necessary.

We would like to assure you all that should the situation worsen again, we have no plans to stop or delay our production schedule.

In the unfortunate case of lockdown, should things remain as they were in March, we will be authorized to continue production as our products are considered a first necessity.


Should you need further information do not hesitate to contact our sales team, we will be happy to brief you.

In the meantime: stay safe, wear a mask.