As a global and full-service consulting company, Westrafo has the capability, the professional skills and the experience to offer fully integrated services to define, design and organize the construction of a new production facility for the production of transformers.

Perfect if you need to open a new production branch or a new line of production within your company, this consulting program includes support on all the important steps of the setting up of your new activity, including

  • Design optimization: workflow and layout optimization
  • Supplier selection: RFQ, audit and witnessing
  • Program management: HR selection, program management and project schedule
  • Management consulting: strategies for the management of the company

Westrafo customizes every project on customer’s request in order to maximize the cost/efficiency rate, the economic value, the quality and sustainability of your activity.

We pass on to our customers new and innovate ideas for all their projects by sharing proven solutions and best practice from everywhere around the world.

We use proven partnering principles that emphasize communication and cooperation among all parties through teamwork, mutual respect, and commitment to common objectives.