Neutral earthing transformers


Customised for every project


DC resistance and zero sequence impedance determined according to customer requirements


Electrical configuration to meet expected values


Mechanical and cooling configuration that adapts to the specific environment

Earthing transformers

We design Neutral earthing transformers with standard reactors, to provide a neutral connection to earth a three-phase transformer connected to the power system, which can also be equipped with an auxiliary load.

Core reactors and other special configurations are available on request: our engineering department will design customised electrical protections to meet specific customer requirements.

This particular transformer creates a neutral point for the grid and its winding is usually done in a zig-zag configuration, in compliance with international standards and customer specifications.

  • Hermetic or conservator type configuration
  • With or without auxiliary load
  • Fully customised according to client specifications
  • Windings manufactured with zig-zag configuration
  • Protective boxes