Public and private grid operators around the world are investing in battery storage solutions to ensure grid stability and improve electricity supply.
Our Energy Solutions division is specialized in Battery Energy Storage Systems customized for many applications. Acting as EPC contractor for turnkey plants or as electrical partner for our customers, we can design and take care of the project management, assembly and on-site commissioning of these solutions.

Battery storage

The right solution for every application

1 Ducting System

  • aluminium panels and PUR (water-foamed polyurethane, CFC- and HCFC-free)
  • fire resistant materials (starting from B1 class)
  • customised solutions for an equal air flow distribution throughout the container


  • customised solutions selected according to the whole equipment thermal losses, the batteries heat dissipation and the enviromental conditions
  • cooperation with well-known brands
  • continuous R&D for new and innovative solutions to optimize space

3 Auxiliaries

  • lights
  • sockets
  • humidity and temperature sensors
  • UPS according to customer requirements

4 Container Body

  • designed in accordance with all local standards
  • designed to withstand loads of snow, wind (or other) and local environmental conditions
  • CSC certification for mariti me transport, if required
  • the installed materials are fire resistant starting from B1 class
  • walls, roof and floor insulation, to avoid condensation and to reduce thermal losses

5 Battery Racks

  • a completely customised layout designed according to the rack type, to optimize the space inside the container and increase the installed energy

6 AC and DC Panels

  • AC and DC panels designed by WESTRAFO, according to customer requirements
  • study of local regulations for CD development
  • control system and supply system
  • particular attention to safety management

7 F&G

  • fire suppression system designed for batteries technology
  • fire detection system supplied from the main brands, to ensure protection against fire hazard
  • ASD system (aspirating smoke detection), on request

Medium Voltage Substations

Customised to your plant’s demands

1 Low Voltage Compartment

  •  LV panel designed by WESTRAFO
  • Main switch and fuses switch-disconnector IP20
  • Lights, sockets, protection and safety devices on request

2 Medium Voltage Compartment

  • MV switchgear from the well known brands
  • Auxiliary cabinet designed by WESTRAFO
  • Lights, sockets, protection and safety devices on request

3 Transformer Compartment

  •  Transformer WESTRAFO
  • Transformer side doors interlocked with the MV panel on request

4 Container Body

  • 10ft/20ft/40ft container structure, skid or concrete solutions
  • Complete factory assembled unit
  • UV-light, weather, wear-mineral oil-salty water and impact-resistant
  • CSC certification for maritime shipping, on request

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