Did you ever try to connect 4 inverters to a transformer? We-strafo did it!

Westrafo just completed the delivery of a special transformer for solar application: the challenge was to connect a 1200 kVA transformer to 4 different Inverters.

Our Engineering team designed a solution with four completely uncoupled secondary sides, 1200 kVA 10000/300-300-300-300 V, Dy11y11y11y11.

The transformer was delivered in Germany and is part of a grid connected photovoltaic system.

Westrafo is experienced in the design of Inverter duty transformers for solar applications, which operate at the fundamental frequency of an alternating system.

These are designed for one or more output windings connected to the inverters load. Owning to multiple outputs, multiple inverters paralleled to the PV arrays are directly connected to these transformers and reduces the project costs without compromising any of the transformer functions.

For more information about customized transformers for solar applicvation do not hesitate to contact our Sales Department at sales@westrafo.com .



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