About us

About us

We established ourselves as a leading company in the electromechanical and electrical transformer industry with production facilities in Italy and Ghana and representative offices in the United States.

The product portfolio includes a wide range of integrated solutions for the energy industry, such as power transformers and distribution transformers, which can be customised for different applications: photovoltaic, wind, hydrogen, energy storage and various types of industrial applications.

Our experience, skills and know-how as manufacturers of electrical equipment are made available to our customers: wherever there is a need for integrated, customised energy solutions, we are ready to provide an all-round service, from the initial study phase through to final commissioning.

CAGR 42%

(last three years)

360° custom solutions

80% projects executed for renewable energy

Workers doubled in 4 years

We are a reliable company

We daily commit ourselves to keep our promises: our words, actions, decisions and behaviour combine as a consistent whole. We establish relations with our stakeholders according with the rules of fairness, loyalty, cooperation and mutual respect. We carefully monitor every aspect of the production activities to ensure that the products and services offered are always meeting high quality and technical standards.

We are a dynamic company

We operate in a dynamic market caractherized by continuous evolution. We constantly invest in research and development to create cutting-edge products, adapting to new technologies and innovating to meet of our customers’ needs. We promote a dynamic work environment that promotes collaboration, exchange of ideas and personal growth. We also invest in continuing education to keep our team abreast of the latest trends and developments in the industry.

Our Values


Loyalty is the ethical value at the heart of our company; it guides our relations with both external and internal customers, guiding the way we think and act. All actions are therefore characterised by the utmost fairness, respect and transparency of information. We aim to build strong, transparent relationships with both our employees and our stakeholders.


We design solutions that can contribute to a greener future for our Planet and for future generations. More than 80% of our products are destined for the renewable energy market and we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of liquid filled transformers through the use of Natural Ester FR3. We carry out numerous awareness campaigns and green projects to foster a sustainability-orientated corporate culture.

Teamwork and inclusiveness

On a daily basis, we encourage collaboration between resources and teamwork, in order to achieve successful results, trying to stimulate constructive and respectful communication. We support the creation of an inclusive working environment that values the diversity and talents of everyone.