5.18 MVA Cast resin transformer for string inverters delivered to Spain

Last week, Westrafo delivered a 5.18 MVA cast resin transformer to Spain.

The machine, which is part of a Photovoltaic plant in Europe, was commissioned by a well-known multinational leader in the energy sector and was configured with  33/0.8 kV Voltage and a P.E.I. of 99,354%.

It was finished and tested in under 5 weeks from Purchase Order, making it once again a record-time delivery for a transformer of this size.

The reinforced metal support structure around the transformer is inspired by the solutions already provided for the marine sector and has been designed to support the important weight of the transformer and distribute any mechanical stress during transportation.

The machine is unique in its kind, and will be part of the only plant in Europe where a single transformer with power higher than 5 MVA feeds string inverters alone.

To receive more information on our cast resin power transformers and request a copy of our references, do not hesitate to contact us at info@westrafo.com .