2019 is going green: Westrafo transformers for PV plants around the globe

Midden Groningen in the Netherlands:

The construction started of one of the biggest Dutch solar parks of 2019.  During its operational lifetime, the solar park will offset more than 1639 kilotons of CO2 and will produce enough renewable energy every year to power 35.000 households. More and more households and companies are asking for locally produced, sustainable energy.

A large solar park like Central Groningen meets that demand, making this area more attractive for companies that want to switch to green energy. Westrafo took part in this project by supplying 28 specifically design transformers.

Location: Midden Groningen, Netherlands

Installed capacity: 103MW

Power supply per year: equivalent to 35 000 households

Supplied transformers: 28 x 2.7MVA 33/0.655kV

Westrafo is the union of experience and innovation: we provide flexible solutions to fit the latest trends in energy sector. These solutions are carried out by qualified experts with many years of experiences. We design the tailored transformers for different applications – green energy, smart grids, EV chargers, low carbon footprint industries and many others. And we are extremely proud to have satisfied clients.