2019 is going green: Westrafo transformers for PV plants around the globe

Kita Solar Farm in Mali:

21 of our transformers have just left our workshop for the biggest solar farm in West Africa. Kita is a photovoltaic project with a capacity of 50 MW that was initiated by the ‘R20-Regions of Climate Action’ NGO founded by Arnold Schwarzenegger, the project will meet the vital energy needs of a region suffering from significant electricity shortages, and will help the country begin the move towards energy independence that is vital to its development.

Location: Kita, Mali

Installed capacity: 50MW

Power supply per year: Equivalent to 91 702 households

Supplied transformers: 21 x 2MVA 30/0.385kV

Westrafo is the union of experience and innovation: we provide flexible solutions to fit the latest trends in energy sector. These solutions are carried out by qualified experts with many years of experiences. We design the tailored transformers for different applications – green energy, smart grids, EV chargers, low carbon footprint industries and many others. And we are extremely proud to have satisfied clients.